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Colt gets the best bedhead


I can’t believe I have a 2 year old (plus some)! What a fun age it has been so far. The fit-throwing isn’t very fun but it is so fun to see him learn, be able to communicate with him, watch him play pretend, and get to play along side him.

Here are some pictures from his actual birthday & then his little party. Nothing too exciting, since I spent my weekend at a cheer competition, but he had fun opening presents and eating cake and ice cream.



ColtsbirthdayOpeningPresentsColtsPresents  Cake  BirthdayBoy BirthdayParty

Things Colt Loves:

Ice cream, throwing rocks, painting, hide & seek, painting, cows, brushing his teeth, helping me brush my teeth, cleaning, dirt, digging, his stuffed cheetah, his car, tools, building (whether its blocks, train tracks, etc)


Quinn and Colt counting for "hide & seek"

Quinn and Colt counting for “hide & seek”


New Words & Phrases:

Colt is all of the sudden saying new words every day. It is fun to be able to communicate with him more!

Ice, rock, giraffe, please, “I two”, blue, pink, yellow, puppy, fuzzy, fluffy, buddy, home, “no way”, “help me”, juice, please, banana, rice, cracker, cookie, block, Ryan, Lexee, Cami (Tammy), chicken, poopoo, peepee, ew, hey, “see ya”, cheetah, money, elephant, cow, hippo, lion, whale, pig, animal, candy, strawberry, water, sugar, toast, nommy (yummy), play, plane, clock, Pete (from Mickey Mouse), down, open, balloon, Baylie, Shooter (both names of my in-laws’ dogs) hello, CiCi (what he call my mom), and he will try and repeat most words after us.


Colt with his favorite animal



Colt still loves music. He loves to dance, loves the music at church (especially in nursery), he love when I sing with him. He loves doing any songs with motions. He has started singing a few words in some songs. Some of his favorites are: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Old McDonald, Speckled Frogs, Uptown Funk (he sings the “hey, hey, hey” part), Popcorn Popping, Happy and You Know It, The Wise Man & the Foolish Man

Other New Things

He likes to “flip”. He does forward rolls and “cartwheels” and also has me spot him on back handsprings. He “counts”, which consists of 2…2…2…2. He knows some shapes: square, triangle, circle, star, heart, and diamond. He also knows some letters: A, B, C, D, E, I, K, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, Y, Z. He says prayers with help. He will cover his mouth when he coughs. He isn’t potty-training yet, but if he needs to go to the bathroom when he is in the tub he will tell me & go on the potty. So we are nearing that time.

Big Brother

Colt has adjusted really well to being a big brother. He loves to give Zane lots of kisses and loves to help. He likes to hold him. He likes to “carry” him and help carry him in the carseat out to the car. He tries to give Zane his pacifier (a bit forcefully at times). He loves Zane’s hair, and pets his head softly. He loves Zane’s little feet & toes and loves to do “This Little Piggy” to them. He also likes to give Zane blankets.


The other day when I went to sit down on the couch to nurse Zane, I told Colt that Zane needed to eat his dinner too. Colt hurried and jumped off the couch and ran into the kitchen and came running back with a bite of his dinner on a fork and he tried to shove it into Zane’s mouth. Such a good helper.

He also likes to sit on the edge of Zane’s bouncer and bounce with Zane in the the bouncer. We have to keep a close eye on that dangerously fun game.

He has also climbed into the carseat with Zane in it.

When he “carries” Zane, he holds him under his arm like a suitcase.

It has been fun to see Colt as a big brother. We definitely have to keep a close eye on those two, but I can’t wait to see them interact more and more.


Colt petting Zane’s hair to cheer him up




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