Colt Update

I’m a slacker, but Colt is learning and growing so much, so I wanted to make sure and write down some things before I forget anything (or anymore).

Colt is all boy. He loves cars, trains, sports, going fast and has no fear… which scares me! He is still such a happy kid, but like all toddlers has begun throwing fits. He is still a good sleeper, he is down to one nap a day. He is getting ready to be a big brother. He loved seeing the baby during the ultrasound and pats my belly and says baby. He loves music, especially at church. He jabbers a lot and is really trying to tell us things… I am sure soon he will be saying a lot more. He gets awesome bedhead. He is just like his dad and loves all animals. He is still a ham for the camera and pretends to be shy but he actually loves being the center of attention. One of my favorite things that he does is when my hair gets in my face he always gently pushes it back. It melts my heart every time.

20141221_211702_resized_1 20141116_175509_resized_1


Colt’s favorite things: his teddy bear, chocolate anything, music, jumping, spinning (he loves getting dizzy), playing with cars and his train set, “singing”, dancing, throwing balls, playing tee-ball, coloring, playing hide-n-seek, eating the snow, reading books, playing/torturing the dog, helping, racing, baths, riding his bike (he likes going down hills & really fast), shoveling snow, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Paw Patrol.






New Words: baby, peaches, pizza, tacos, apple, (can you tell he loves food), star, car, up, amen-ka (amen), Toodles (from Mickey Mouse), tree, Santa, ho ho ho, merry, uh-oh, no (which is usually no, no, no), snowman, yippee, choo-choo, TV, zipper, help, ball, Haylee (his aunt), and a whole lot of jabbering.

New Animal Noises: dolphin, cat, fish, bug, shark, alligator, horse, pig (his own version), sheep, monkey, owl, coyote, and monsters.

Other new things: somersaults, if you ask him what a crab does he does his hands like pinchers, he can identify lots of body parts and animals, knows up and down, shakes his booty, fake sneezing, tickling others, giving “knuckles”, “counting” (he just points and says random sounds), makes a “silly” face, he tries to trace his name.


He hates: getting his hair fixed, hats, having limited “screen-time”, when people leave

Having a toddler is definitely an adjustment. He has so much energy and wants to explore and learn about everything. I am trying to keep up and trying to make sure I teach him the things that I need to. I love seeing him discover the world around him and I can’t wait to see him continue to grow.

P.S. I will post videos later of some of his new words and new “tricks”


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