18 Months

I can’t believe Colt is already 18 months old! He has so much energy and keeps me running around! Don’t you love his pose… that is what he did when I told him to smile for the photo.

18 Months

Colt’s Weight: 24.12 lbs (50.5 percentile) Colt’s Length: 31.6 inches (23.68 percentile) Colt’s Head Circumference: 18.75 inches (58.1 percentile)


He still loves to eat but is getting more picky. He doesn’t like many veggies anymore. He loves fruit. He is obsessed with string cheese, raisins, and steak. He loves chocolate… I did eat lots of chocolate while I was prego so its probably my fault.


He can climb pretty much anything. One of his favorite things to do it is to climb the kitchen chairs to get on top of the kitchen table or counter.

He loves to jump off of stuff, mostly steps and the couch.

He loves his cousin, Quinn. Sometimes a little too much.


He isn’t good at sharing, but is slowly getting better.

He had his first stomach flu and hand-foot-&-mouth. So sad.

His favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty. He gets this excited every time at this part of the movie.


He is really good at throwing tantrums.

He loves to swim. He can swim by himself when wearing his floaties. He loves to jump into the pool and loves going down the slide.


He loves music. At church the moment a hymn starts he stops whatever he is playing, comes and sits on the chair, opens the hymn book, and either “sings” or just smiles and watches everyone else sing.

He loves when we sing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed, 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. And for anyone that went to Girls’ Camp with me growing up… he loves 3 Sharp Tooth Buzzards.

He has started going to nursery. He doesn’t hesitate to go in and isn’t sad when I leave. They tell me that he does really well in there, but yesterday when I walked into the room to pick him up he was tackling another child. He was smiling and thinks he’s playing but a little aggressive.

He loves to dance. His go-to dance move is to spin with one arm sticking out staring at his hand.

He loves his bike. I got it for him a couple weeks ago. I knew once he got old enough I wanted to get him a balance bike. So after some research I found the Chillafish Bunzi Bike, which changes from a tricycle to a balance bike, really easily I should add. I also got a helmet for him, which he hated at first because he can’t stand hats. But after wearing it 5 minutes here and there and then every time he is on his bike, he knows that he has to wear his helmet in order to ride his bike.

2014-07-25 12.49.4220140725_123259



He vocabulary includes: mom, dada, papa, ya, tub, “hi-dad”, dog, Keiko, eh-ey… eh… go (ready, set, go), mo (more), no (nose), mo (mouth), tada!, . And some animal noises: bear- rawr, elephant, chicken… duck… bird (which all say “tuh-kaw tuh-kaw”)



He loves playing Endless Alphabet on the computer.

He has been trying to carry around one of my backpacks but its too big and makes him fall over. So we got him his own backpack which he loves. He keeps his books in it.


He loves animals and bugs.


He went to Lake Powell for the first time.


He went out-of-the-country for the first time, well not sure if Puerto Rico counts as out-of-the-country anymore.


He went to his first Lehi Round-Up Rodeo.

2014-06-28 22.24.12 2014-06-28 22.13.21

He knows how to point to his nose, eyes, hair, ears, belly, and mouth.

He loves going to work with me and seeing all of the athletes. He likes to try and do what they do.


Chase is out of town on residency audition rotations. So one of Colt’s favorite things right now is Skyping with his dad. He always thinks he needs to showoff for him and show him all of his “tricks”. He sure misses his dad… and so do I!!



Love this crazy little boy!




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