Quick Visits


Chase’s little sister, Lexee, made a quick weekend trip to see us. We tried to fit in as much fun as possible in the short few days.

On Friday, Chase was busy with his surgery rotation so we went to Salem and met up with my friend Amanda and her daughter Jordin. We decided to try lunch at French Press. It was so delicious! If you ever find yourself in Salem, OR I highly recommend it.

20131108_130355 20131108_130404

Lexee had a savory crepe and naturally I had a sweet one!


Colt enjoyed the crepes too! He is such a little piggy.

We then went to the Riverfront Carousel  which Colt enjoyed a lot more than Jordin.

20131108_141248 20131108_141032 20131108_141014



Jordin did however, like getting chased by boys.

We then took a walk in the park by the Riverfront and came across a massive globe.


This once acid-filled steel ball,  took five years to recycle into this piece of artwork covered in over 86,000 tiles… very Oregonian.

We then made a quick trip to the mall… where Lex found her this awesome sweater


Then Chase called and was finally off for the day so we raced back to McMinnville.

We hung out at the house and had take-out from Thai Country for dinner.

Lexee and I stayed up late working on bows while watching Legally Blond. I was very thankful to have her help on the rush order. Here’s the final product.


On Saturday, Chase had to head to the hospital. So we slept in… Colt work Lexee up.


Which is a great way to be woken up.

We wasted tons of time watching America’s Next Top Model… which if you didn’t watch this season there were guys on it.  Anyways…

Chase got off earlier than usual and went and dropped his truck off to get work done. So we went and picked him up and then went and walked around downtown McMinnville.

 We made a necessary stop to Serendipity. Another place I highly recommend… along with their pumpkin or salted caramel ice cream.


20131109_154412 20131109_154529 20131109_152533

Colt wasn’t quite sure about the cold at first.

We went to a few of the shops and then stopped to take a few pictures with Ben.

Fun with Ben

Because a city and a trip isn’t complete without Benjamin Franklin

We went and picked up Chase’s truck and then headed back to Salem for dinner… at French Press. Yes, it was that good that we went twice in one weekend so we could share with Chase its goodness.

On Sunday, we went to church. We have a missionary from Lehi who went to school with Lexee. He was happy to see a familiar face.


We then relaxed for a bit and then went for a drive.

We had to show off the beauty of Oregon and this fall has been gorgeous!

Unfortunately, it got dark really fast so the pictures aren’t the best.

20131110_171035 20131110_172016 20131110_171951

20131110_170757 20131110_171439



And then Monday morning, Colt and I drove her to the airport for her flight back to Utah.

We had lots of fun in just a couple of days!

And then Monday night, my dad flew into Portland for business. So he made a detour to hang out with us in McMinnville and to go to dinner and then he had to head to Corvallis.


I love that he has to make business trips up here so we get to see him every so often. Now he just needs to bring my mom with him! :)


One thought on “Quick Visits

  1. He’s such a cutie. And sounds like an awesome weekend. AND I TOTALLY WATCHED ANTM! I was so mad that the person who won, won. I didn’t want them to win… Oh well. Haha!

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