8 Months

8 mo 8 mo collage

Things Colt Loves at 8 Months:

  • Food
  • Climbing
  • Walking with push toy
  • Books
  • Making messes
  • Bowls
  • Peekaboo
  • When we sing to him… especially Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys
  • Skyping with our families
  • Grabbing our faces and pulling my hair and jewlery
  • Getting the DVDs
  • When dad gets home from the hospital
  • Giving (sometimes) and getting kisses
  • Playing with my eyelashes

Big things that happened around 8 months:

  • Saying “mama” and “dada”, but doesn’t know what he is saying
  • Takes a couple steps on his own
  • Starting to figure out sippy cups

Crazy Boy!

He is as active as ever and quite the ham. I have such a blast being home with him!

2013-10-20 20.09.01Peekaboo!


 He is really good at making messes… At least he is cute while he does it!

climbing by TVHe pushed the box over to the TV and was trying to push the buttons on the cable box. After the picture he then pulled down the DVDs, which seems to be his favorite ‘hobby’. I put them away at least 4 times a day.

Climbing walker

He is also very good at climbing and loves to do it. I have a feeling I am going to be in real trouble in the near future. He tries to climb on everything. Which can get him into some trouble sometimes. I was doing the dishes the other day and he was crawling around. Next thing I know I look over and he has pulled himself up under the table. He was standing on one foot on the bottom part of table leg while the other foot was dangling and hugging the post of the table leg for dear life.

under the tabledog kennel

He recently found the dog cage… and didn’t want to get out.

Share Bear

Colt now tries to share with us. It is adorable. He will give us his toys. He will try and put his paci in our mouths or share his snacks with us.


Colt loves to eat! There hasn’t been one thing that doesn’t like and he wants to eat all day long. I can’t believe he isn’t a big, chunky baby.


He grabbed the spoon and the food flicked up in his face. Eating

We recently had one of our friends Kevin stop by on his way back to Lebanon from Portland. We whipped up some pancakes and Kevin gave Colt a whole pancake. Oh man did he love it and he devoured it. All of our other med student family better watch out Kevin might become Colt’s favorite.

General Conference

ConferenceGeneral Conference weekends are my favorite. It is such a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. It is definitely different with an active little one around but I still enjoyed it. It was fun to see how Colt would pay attention to it at times too. He absolutely loved the music. Heres one of my favorite songs and quotes from conference 


Chase loves hunting, but since heading out to medical school he hasn’t been able to go. A guy from church invited Chase to go with him and then Colt and I went out with Chase another night when he got back from rotations.

We’ve decided that the reason deer tags are so cheap in this part of Oregon is because you don’t see deer in the wild.

But we had fun enjoying the beauty of Oregon.

Leaves hunting Car Mirror

 Heiser Farms

We have heard great things about the pumpkin patch at Heiser Farms so the Bedfords joined us for lunch in McMinnville and then a trip to Heiser Farms. We could have spent the whole day there, there was so much to do. We went on a hay ride and got a pumpkin. There was a petting zoo… where a baby pig bit my leg. There’s a mini train that the Bedfords went on. There are slides… which Chase took Colt down. We got apple pie fries. If you haven’t heard of them you ought to give them a try, delicious! I should have taken a picture. There was even more to do but we ran out of time.



Colt loved the tractor!


2013-10-19 20.00.25My itty bitty pig bite

We went the right weekend because they also had pumpkin launching. They do it as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. People donate their cars and then people pay to shoot pumpkins out of cannons at the cars or just shoot them to see how far or high they can go. It was pretty entertaining.

pumpkin launch

More Photos

sunday best standing playing with boxes Getting ready for church crawling 2013-10-20 20.17.28 2013-10-16 21.01.35 2013-10-16 19.53.09 2013-10-07 20.32.21 2013-10-07 13.08.282013-10-21 19.32.08


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