People post funny things that their children say… and I decided that I need to write down the funny things Chase says. Its hard for me to explain how Chase will word things sometimes, but for those of you who know Chase you may know what I am talking about. He is known at his medical school for saying things like “son of a hamster”, “goodnight Maria”, “shiz”, “schnikies”, “shenanigans”, “for the love of Pete”, and “mother of pearl”, to name a few. But he will also word things differently than I would.

Sunday Dinner

We are at dinner at a family’s house that we recently met at church. The dad asked Chase “Where did you get the name Colt?”

And Chase responds, “Well, when my twin brother and I were in my mother’s womb, my dad wanted to name us Colt and Jake. But my mom wanted to name us Chad and Chase. And she won. When I heard that story I just always loved the name Colt.”

As he was saying this I was trying not to giggle. I wasn’t going to say anything but when we got into the truck to go home Chase said, “Oh my gosh, did you hear how I answered that question?”.

How Old?

Writing this story reminded me of another “Chase”ism. We were talking with a teacher from the medical school who had recently had a baby. And this is how Chase asks her how old her baby is: “So how long has it been since you gave birth to your daughter?”.

I immediately started laughing (probably not the most supportive spouse thing to do). His teacher laughed and called him out on it asking him “Couldn’t you have just asked me how old is my baby?”.

Is it awkward that both these stories are about Chase talking awkwardly about the womb and birth?

Makes me laugh. I love that man!!


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