DIY sMÖRGåsbord

I have always loved “crafting” and lately I have been finding time to do more “DIY” projects since being home with Colt and when Chase is super busy with medical school rotation.

I have had some friends ask me where I have found ideas. So I figured I would put together a blog with my projects and where I found the ideas and directions for them.

Baby Monthly Onesies

monthly onesies

I had seen monthly onesies on Etsy and I thought that would be such a quite way to document Colt’s grown over the first year. However, all the ones that I liked were around $60 which I wasn’t willing to spend. I thought I would just make my own numbers that I could print and transfer on to the onesies. But before I did that I came across this blog where she had already created it and posted a link to her documents. So why reinvent the wheel… especially when you are a new mama with a couple week old baby.

She made them for a baby shower gift which is an amazing idea. I didn’t do them all at once. It is probably much easier that way. But I couldn’t get myself to pay for all the white onesies at once. So I just have made one each month.

The only thing that I would add to Britt’s post is to get the iron-on transfer paper that is made for fabric with stretch in them. I had this already for the first 6 months and I went to buy more sheets for the rest and I haven’t loved the paper that I got this time. Most of it peels off after I have washed the onesie. If all of it would peel off than I wouldn’t mind too much because then I would just have a plain white onesie again… but there is always just a little left behind that won’t come off.

Bowties & Bandanas

One of my favorite things to put Colt in is bow ties. They are so adorable. I have made ones that snap on to a onesie and then regular ones to go with collared shirts.

Here is the tutorial I used to make the snap-on bowties.


 IMG_5559 IMG_3454

IMG_5228 IMG_5322


Here’s the tutorial I used to make Colt’s baby bandana bibs.

I didn’t use a specific tutorial for the bow ties with the neck strap. I had read a couple of different blogs and also took apart one that I had bought in Utah… and then went from there. But here are some good step by step directions. And for the double bowtie that I made for my sister’s wedding I followed the same steps but made an extra bow that was smaller than the bow in the back.

Other baby DIY

Here’s other blogs that I used for other projects:

Pacifier Clips

Leg Warmers… This was a super quick DIY. I made them with a pair of Chase’s socks that had a hole in the heel.

Baby Socks out of old socks… This didn’t work well for me. They looked cute but they didn’t stay on his feet. Maybe if I made them longer but I think the shape of them is the problem.

Measuring “Ruler” Chart

As a kid I was always jealous of my cousins who got to mark their height on a door frame as they grew up. I wanted to be able to do that with Colt but since he is only 7 months and he has already lived in two different places so I searched out a different way to do this. I came across a whole bunch of different growth charts that look like rulers… which apparently the idea originally came from Pottery Barn.

So after looking a whole bunch of different ones on Pinterest Chase and I went to Lowes to get supplies. A lot of the ones I saw the stain was too dark and you couldn’t see the numbers too well. Then I remember coming across a pin where you create a stain using steel wool and vinegar. So we did this plus it saved money, which is always a good thing. All you do is put fine (0000) steel wool pads in a mason jar and then fill the jar with white vinegar. Let it sit for a couple of hours. The pins I read said to let it sit all the way from overnight to a week. But I am not patient and since I didn’t want the stain to be to dark I thought a couple of hours would do. And it worked perfectly. I used it once the steel wool looked rusty on the corners.


Here piece of wood we started with. Before we stained it we “antiqued” it using a hammer, nails, and screws


This is the steel wool and vinegar stain after sitting for a couple of hours.


Here is a picture right after we brushed the stain on and then once it had dried. We did two coats.


After the stain dried, we drew the lines with a black paint pen. Remember that you will be hanging the ruler above the ground so don’t start it right at 0. We hung our six inches from the floor. In most of the other DIY rulers people painted on the numbers. Instead, we used address numbers. It saved time and I like how it turned out.

The finished product

This was a fun project to do with Chase on one of his days off. It was a pretty quick and easy DIY project too.

There are a few of the things I have done lately. So all of those are for Colt, but I have actually done a few things for myself. I hemmed some pants and made one of my maxi dresses into a maxi skirt. I also made a cute ear warmer headband. I will have to post that another time. Its a little big… like in your face… but I love it!

If you have any fav DIY projects SHARE pretty please. I am def on a kick. My next one will probably be a Halloween costume for Colt. But first I need to figure out what he is going to be!


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