Better Late than Never

As everyone who probably reads my blog already knows… Colt is here! But I will do a quick blog and then do another one later with more from the past little while.


Here is our first family photo (Not sure why my camera made us look so red)


And the Adventure Begins

My goal was to get through January 22nd, since Chase had a test that day. I was so worried that he was going to be in the middle of his test when I went into labor. I was so happy when his test was over and nothing had happened. But after that I was so ready! I felt like if you poked me I was going to literally pop! However, I made it until my next doctor’s appointment… which the doctor said “I doubt you’ll make it to your next appointment. There is just no way.” Well Colt proved her wrong.

I went to my doctor’s appointment at 2:30 on the 23rd. We discussed inducing me the next day. However, during my appointment my doctor was stripping my membranes and the first layer of my amniotic sac ruptured. My doctor told me that I needed to head over to the hospital within the next four hours. My mom was on her flight here during my appointment so I was determined to stay at my house until she got here. She got to our house around 5:30 pm and right when she got here we loaded up the car and went to the hospital.

When we got there Chase picked up the phone to the Birth Center and they asked how they could help us. And Chase answered, “We have a lady in labor here.” It gave us and the nurses a good laugh. They let us in and said, “Oh you’re the sweet one Dr. James was talking about.” Not sure what I did to earn the name “The Sweet One”, but it was a nice complement. They got us set up in our room and then we played the waiting game. We watched the Modern Family episode where Gloria has her baby… kind of ironic.

My labor went pretty well. I was very happy to get the epidural and was super calm while getting it. After the anesthesiologist left we were talking about how calming he was and how it made the process so easy. The nurse overheard us and told us that he used to be a hypnotist… Not sure if he used those skills on me… But if he did I didn’t mind. I think that might be a good skill to have when dealing with women in labor.

We did have one little scare. At one point, Colt’s heart rate dropped really low for about 6 minutes. Thankfully I had great nurses who came in and took care of business. They placed a fetal scalp electrode on his head to monitor him a little closer and things went smoothly from there. I had him on January 24th at 1:16 in the morning.

62350_10100748765440029_453962002_n  530857_10100747515794329_558662378_n  64289_10100748764876159_1426272844_n

Happy Birthday Jamie!

My best friend growing up, Jamie, had been hoping that I would have him on her birthday. So she called me on the 23rd and told me to keep him in for just another couple of hours and then I had a 24 hour window to have him. And it surprisingly worked out just that way. It fun that my baby and my best friend share birthdays :)



We thankful to get visitors at the hospital.

482519_10100799100468229_1457881750_n 285739_10100799100553059_1140730191_n 75582_10100799100503159_589776822_n 73763_10100748764746419_1954544296_n

Daddy’s Boy

Colt had Chase wrapped around his finger from the start. Chase would tell me he would be home from class in the afternoon and next thing I knew he would be coming to see us. He said he couldn’t wait to see Colt so he had to skip class. Thankfully, the hospital is right across from the med school so it made it easy for him to sneak on by.

549438_10100799100383399_1688141068_n 13149_10100799100338489_163554050_n

Going Home

We headed home on the morning of the 25th.

156448_10100799100642879_1881271364_n  538086_10100799100573019_1146320521_n251846_10100748763613689_1643466278_n

(I love how tiny he looks in his car seat! I can’t believe how much he has grown.)

When we got home we introduced Colt to Keiko. We weren’t sure how she would respond, since she is used to being the spoiled one. But she did well… she gave him a little kiss. And until a couple days ago she acted like he doesn’t exist. I guess it didn’t change her world too much to have a baby around… but we will see how she feels once he starts crawling and walking.



I was so thankful to have my mom here for everything. She spoiled Colt, me, and Chase while she was here. And helped so much around the house. She was also just as fascinated with the people around here as I am. Just to give you an example… We saw a couple driving with their convertible top down as it is drizzling and only 50 degrees out. Now back on topic, she also would take Colt in the morning after I fed him so I could get a little extra sleep… which I much appreciated. We loved having her around… now we just got to figure out what we are going to call her.

552996_10100748764651609_785687613_n     735031_10100799100762639_667366034_n486702_10100758899471349_1716977815_n

Just a few more pictures…

545720_10100799102973209_2053864061_n  531809_10100759187683769_864605197_n644215_10100799102908339_1566829128_nPicMonkey Collage



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