It’s a Long One

I am 32 weeks this week… which means only 2 months left! We are getting more and more excited!

I have slacked recently on updating so bear with me on this long blog post.


My dad was in town for business so we got to meet him for dinner. We went to a restaurant in Albany called Sam City. It wasn’t much to look at from the outside, but it was delicious. Chase and my dad both got Pho. I got chicken teriyaki and then we all shared Korean fried rice, which was my favorite. Chase and I have already gone back again.

It was so fun to see my dad. He was the first person in my family to see me with my prego belly. I am sure it is crazy for them to see my belly since they haven’t seen it growing along the way.


I was trying to come up with something clever to be for Halloween. I figured I should take advantage of being pregnant on Halloween, but I didn’t want to paint my belly or anything like that. I had seen the skeleton shirts where there is a skeleton baby on the stomach on etsy, but I didn’t want to pay $20 for one. So I decided to make one of my own. I got a shirt at Wal-Mart for $3 and got white fabric for $1. I already had Heat n’ Bond and pink fabric. So it only cost me $4 to make.

The students at the medical school put on a little party for the children of med students. Chase helped put it on, so I went to that with him. It was fun to see the kids all dressed up and having fun. They bobbed for apples, had treats, played games, and made crafts.


Chase and Scott, or should I say Clark Kent and Waldo, also participated in crafts.


After the party at the school we grabbed some Mexican food to go and headed home to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

We got Keiko a skeleton sweater, but as you can tell from the picture she hated it.

Root Canal

For about two weeks I had the most excruciating headaches. My left temple would throb and it would radiate through to my jaw, eye, and cheek. Tylenol would only give me relief for about 30 minutes. After a week of this I called my OBGYN and they told me to take some ibuprofen. Once I took those and got some relief I realized that one of my back teeth was killing me. So I headed in to the dentist on Halloween morning and found out I needed a root canal. They made an appointment to do it the next day. I never thought I would be so happy to go to the dentist. I got the root canal and thankfully the headaches went away!


After my tooth got situated we were off to Utah. Right when we landed we went to lunch at a restaurant I miss so much… Chick-fil-a. There we got to meet our nephew, Quinn, for the first time!

Saturday was jam-packed! Chase and the boys, I guess I should say “men”, got up early and went pheasant hunting. I went to breakfast at one of my favorite Utah restaurant, Kneaders, with my brother Jordan. After that we had my baby shower.

It was so fun to see and chat with family and friends at the shower, plus I got a lot of great things for baby boy! Thanks again to all who helped put it on.

It was especially great to see my little sister Cami.

After the shower, my Papa and cousin Derrick stopped by to say hi.

Then it was off to Chase’s good friend Cole’s wedding. Chase was one of the groomsman.

After the wedding we relaxed and enjoyed time with Chase’s family.

On Sunday, we went to Chad and Trevlyn’s church for Quinn’s baby blessing. After church we had a family get-together with Chase’s family and Trev’s family. There we got to enjoy delicious food and good company.

Chase and I then took Chase’s grandpa Serg home and spent time talking with him.

Then we went and saw Nick and Haylee’s new house. Then we went back to Chase’s parents house packed up and then spent the last bit of our time hanging out with Chase’s family… and enjoying every minute we could with baby Quinn.


Even though it was a short trip we were able to fit in a lot and see a lot of friends and family! We had such a fun time. Meeting our nephew Quinn made us even more excited about having a little boy of our own. Then we had to jet back to reality… but only for a couple of days for me!


After spending just a few back in Oregon I got to take make trip to Texas. Unfortunately, Chase couldn’t go with me on this trip because of med school. But he had a test while I was gone, so he said it was good timing because I wasn’t there to distract him and he would be able to get lots of studying in.

I had a red-eye flight on Spirit Airlines. It was my first experience with them and it was a good one. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was way cheaper than the other airlines. I arrived around 6 am and my dad came and picked me up. We stopped by the church on our way home so I could see Austin before he headed off to school. He was surprised to see me and told me, “I was the cutest pregnant person ever!”… What a good brother. Then my mom, dad, and I went to breakfast. I was pretty wiped out from my flight so I took a nap once we got back to the house.

Over the next few days we went shopping a couple of times, went out to eat quite a few times, I watched “Say Yes to the Dress” for the first time, played Mario Party with Erin and Austin (its tradition), picked out a corsage for Austin’s homecoming date (can you believe he is that old?!), got snowcones, help clean up after all the homecoming mum-making craziness, watch football, and most importantly spend time with my family and friends.

My good friend Josie came and stayed at my house so she could be there for the shower. It felt like old times all over again… but without the crazy pictures and makeup. For example…

I hadn’t seen her in years, so it was great to be back together… we were more normal this time around.

One of the nights while I was there I went to dinner with Lindsey, Josie, and my cousin David. We had a blast talking about old stories and hearing new ones. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

While I was there I was spoiled again with another amazing baby shower. Thank you to everyone that helped with putting on the shower and thanks to all who came! I got to see many of the amazing woman who have been a part of my life.

I got a lot of great presents. The funniest one was from Josie. It is Baby Nelson’s “First Year” scrapbook. She took a picture of Chase and a picture of me and used one of those websites that shows you what your baby would look like and created “Baby Nelson”. You can see the book in the bottom left photo above. Here is a closer look of “Baby Nelson”.

This is him dressing up like dad. There are also photos of him rollerblading with his friends, visiting Santa, and his first bath.

Here are a couple more pictures from while I was in the Lone Star State.




While I was out-of-town I came home to a nice surprise… Chase finished painting the cradle. Jakobi, who I worked for at Peak Elite last year, was nice enough to give us the cradle. We decided to refinish it. I started it when the weather was still nice, but hadn’t finished it yet. I was so thankful that my amazing husband finished it for me.

An Orphan’s Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we had an “orphan’s Thanksgiving”… we got together with other medical school student families that didn’t go ‘home’ for the holiday. It ended up being six families and was a blast. I was a little nervous at first that we might not have enough food and that it might be too crazy. But we definitely had enough food and it was the perfect amount of craziness. It was fun to see different recipes and traditions. We had two different turkeys, one smoked and the other was bacon-wrapped. Each of them was super delicious! I made two pumpkin pies, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. Chase told me I was crazy, but I decided to make three kinds of sweet potatoes. I wanted the brown-sugar glazed sweet potatoes that I have with my family. I made pecan topped sweet potatoes because they are Chase’s favorite. Then I decided I had to make marshmallow topped sweet potatoes because I figured the kids would like those kind, plus they are like dessert. From the comments and the lack of leftovers, I would say the pecan topped ones were the favorite. I have had some requests for the recipe, so here is the link to it. I followed the recipe exactly, except at the end the topping seemed to be a bit too dry. So I drizzled melted butter over the top, which seemed to fix the problem. Ivy made the cutest Thanksgiving themed deviled eggs.


Yesterday Chase and I went and picked up the crib. Then Chase, Scott, and Matt were studying over here for the upcoming test. Katie came along with Scott so we decided that we would try to put together the crib. We were succesful, but had a blond moment in the process. We opened the box and laid all pieces. The board that the mattress sits on has the directions on it. We discussed how ridiculous this was because once you did the first step you wouldn’t be able to see the directions since they would be on the bottom. So we started with step 2 and decided we would do as much as we could until we absolutely had to put the board in. Once we got to that point, Katie had an “Aha!” moment… the mattress goes on top of the board, so there is no need to put the board in upside down. So the whole time we were talking about how stupid the company is for putting the directions there when in all reality we were the ones having trouble. Either way, we got it set up and I love it. I like it even more than I did online, which is always a nice surprise.

Now that I have had two baby showers, have my cradle and crib ready, and have the mattress and dresser ordered… it is starting to feel more real. I can’t believe its only 8 weeks until my due date! Can’t wait to meet the little guy!


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