23 weeks

I am at the end of week 23! I’m pretty sure that baby boy has had a growth spurt… because I feel like I am all of the sudden growing. I had a checkup last week and Dr James said that everything checked out well in the ultrasound and thankfully I am still feeling good.

Only Two Complaints

My only two complaints are reflux and plantar fasciitis… which is the fancy way to say that my feet especially my heels hurt. Apparently, pregnant women are more susceptible to this and so are people with flat feet… and I am guilty on both accounts. Luckily, I have a husband who is in medical school and he has learned some different techniques that help with this. There isn’t too much you do for this. I am supposed to not walk around barefoot, especially on hard surfaces. So I’ve been wearing my Nike Comfort flipflops when I am in the kitchen cooking and noticed that helps some. By the way, if you have never tried out those flipflops you have to try them out! They are seriously so comfortable.

Here I am cooking chicken n’ dumplings for Sunday dinner in my flipflops.


Two weeks ago was the first time that a stranger asked me about my pregnancy. I was depositing a check and the lady at the bank asked me how far along I was. I thought she was pretty brave asking, because I won’t ever say anything unless the lady looks like she is ready to pop. I have heard too many stories of other people making that mistake and putting themself in that awkward situation. That being said, I am happy that I finally look pregnant enough that others can tell.


The baby is moving a lot now. He moves a lot in the afternoons and then at night. I noticed that when I lay on my back he moves a lot more, or at least I can feel him move more that way. Chase has been able to feel him move quite a few times… which has been fun for him and I have loved watching him.


Chase has done a good job of becoming more of a handyman. A couple years ago he was able to fix our washer and more recently he has fixed the dishwasher in our new place. This weekend he tried to undertake the sprinklers. I told him just to call the landlord and not worry about it, but he really wanted to do it. We have a few that have come loose and others that spray the wrong way. He got some of them working good. After a while, he came in looking like this… and said “Well I can’t get that sprinkler fixed.” We had a good laugh. Looks like becoming a sprinkler repairman is not in his future, guess he will have to stick to medical school.

Sundays in Oregon

Our Sundays have changed a lot since we have moved to Oregon. In Utah, we spent a lot of time with family. I think I cooked one Sunday dinner since we got married until we moved here. We always ate at Nanny and Papa’s house or with Chase’s family. My cooking and baking skills have improved and grown so much since moving here. We have a lot of our Sunday dinners with different medical school friends and if not we enjoy quiet Sundays to ourselves. The picture sums up our Sunday afternoons pretty good… we go to church, then its on to relaxing and football. It was hard for us at first and it took some getting used to but we enjoy our Oregon Sundays now.

OSU Beavers

You may have noticed in my first two pictures I am wearing a Oregon State University shirt. On Fridays, at work we sport Beaver gear to support the school. It has been a fun couple weeks getting into college football up here. The Beavers are 3-0 so far and ranked 14th after this last game. I am working the coming game, helping the Foundation with the donors that are coming to watch the game. Hopefully, they can keep up with their winning streak, it sure makes the workplace a little more exciting.


2 thoughts on “23 weeks

  1. Omg! A part of me wishes you had been prego before me, so then I could have known what my foot pain was too. I never bothered to ask, because I figured it was a grin-and-bear-it pregnancy thing, but now I know. Haha. I also have flat feet, so it makes sense.
    I swear your pregnancy story almost matches mine exactly, so it has been a lot of fun reading your blog. The only downside is that whenever I read anything to do with babies, or see babies, I leak – not talking about tears – so that’s kind of a pain (if you are going to breastfeed, then plan on it happening a lot ha, ha). I’m so happy for you guys, and I wish you could move back so that one day our little guys could play together. :) I can’t wait to see you in November – that’s when your mom says you’re coming back for a visit.

  2. Omg I just cringed when you reminded me about the foot pain!!!! We are at 14 weeks with #2 and I had completely forgotten that PAINFUL detail. I hope that symptom skips me this time around! I hope your dogs feel better!!!

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