1/2 Way

Well I am a week late posting this so I am actually halfway plus a week through my pregnancy.

Don’t mind the awkward angle on this photo that makes my legs look like they are two inches long.


I can’t believe that I am halfway through my pregnancy. I haven’t really even felt pregnant yet. The past couple weeks have been good. I had another ultrasound. This was the first one that Chase was able to go to. It loved watching him see the baby for the first time. Baby boy wasn’t as active as he was in the ultrasound after the car crash. He was curled up so his feet and hands were by his face, which look hilarious. We were able to get a good look at his cute face. Unfortunately, the ultrasound tech only gave us two photos of him. She wasn’t the most pleasant person… but that’s a whole other story. We will focus on the positive. Baby boy is growing and healthy! Here is a picture from our 20 week ultrasound. Chase thinks that he can already tell that the baby has my nose.

This picture is from the ultrasound I got after the car wreck. He looks like he is doing the “Tebow”.


I have been feeling a lot more movement lately. I haven’t noticed if he is more active at a certain point during the day. It’s just been random movements throughout the day. Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because he was moving so much. I would say these were the biggest movements I have felt so far. The first one made me jump because I was half asleep and it tickled. It’s so fun to feel him move and I can’t wait until Chase will be able to feel the movement.


I haven’t had any new cravings that I want all the time. But I did crave sloppy joes and then orange rolls last week. So I whipped them up… and they sure did hit the spot. I don’t think that Chase minded that I had these cravings at all!


Over the Labor Day weekend I made a couple of shopping trips. On Saturday Katie, Amanda, Amanda’s daughter Jordin, and I made shopping trip to Salem. We went car shopping for Katie to replace her car that got totaled in the accident. Then we went to Babies R Us and I registered there. It was really fun, but definitely overwhelming. After walking out of there, I feel like I needed to get going on my planning a little more than I have been. I also decided that I am making Chase go with me to Target to register so he can feel overwhelmed too :)

Here is a picture of the ladies taking a break from all the shopping at Babies R Us.

On my way home from work Friday I stopped at the tent sale at the local furniture store in Lebanon. I have been wanting to get a rocking recliner for a little while now and heard they had a good variety and good choices. I found quite a few that I liked. So on Saturday we also looked at some furniture stores in Salem, so I could shop around and compare prices.

I didn’t see anything that I liked more than the recliners in Lebanon and nothing that was better priced either. So on Monday I pulled Chase away from his studying and made him come and try out recliners with me. It was hard to decide. We had to make sure it matched our couches, was in our price range, and of course it had to be comfortable. Chase kept saying there was a “choice overload”, but there could be worse problems. After over an hour of trying out chairs and asking questions we finally found the perfect one! Plus it was on sale!

We purchased it and loaded it into our truck. When we got home we carried it to the door. Then once we got to the door realized that it would take more effort to get it through and decided that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Plus Chase tried to explain to me which way to rotate and tilt it and what angle it needed to be and I had no clue what he was saying. So he called Kevin to come and help. While we were waiting for Kevin I decided to kick my feet up for a bit. I felt pretty classy sitting in a recliner on my front porch… but it was comfortable… and I think I fit in pretty well with some parts of town. :)

So he called Kevin who came over to help. When Kevin got to our house he asked so are you wanting to move it this way and said almost word for word what Chase was trying to explain to me. I am glad they get each other… medical school minds think alike.

We were so glad to see that the recliner fit right in and matched our couches. It is super comfortable and has been nice for my back. I think I will love having it once I am even more pregnant and once the baby is here. I think Chase has been enjoying it even more than me. It has given him one more place to study.

Well we are half way through… time for the baby… and with him the belly to start growing bigger! And time for me to get planning! Enjoying this adventure!


2 thoughts on “1/2 Way

  1. NICE. The recliner can be a lifesaver when you’re at the very end of your pregnancy if you get too uncomfortable to sleep because you have to keep rolling from one lumpy hip to the other all night long.

  2. I am SO super duper freaking jealous of that recliner. That thing is only going to grow more awesome by the day! We had our first in November and are expecting #2 in early April (I know, we are crazy right?) It’s crazy how fast everything has gone by once you get to the half way marker! Or at least for me it did…it’ll keep moving that fast up until that last month. Then you start to count every minute until you meet sweet baby!! Congratulations I’m excited for you to get to meet your baby- It’s the most amazing feeling ever. I imagine it’s how crackheads feel when they score. Well if you’re looking for any other pregnant bloggers come see me at http://www.birminghambell.com -I always enjoy finding new preggos out there to follow!

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