Aunt, Wise Friend, Awkard Stage, and Blog Share

I am an aunt! I am so excited for Chad and Trev and their new baby boy, Quinn. He was born on Saturday. When we got the text that they were heading to the hospital I was so happy and then so sad that we live so far away. I can’t wait to meet him!

I am thankful to have such great friends. Some of which unfortunately live far away, but still can put a smile on my face. They also give me great suggestions and interesting conversations! Here is part of one of those conversations between me and Josie.


I sure do miss that girl! Oh and congratulations Josie on your first blog appearance… hoping there will be more to come!

This also brings forward the topic of being in the “awkward stage”. Is she pregnant or isn’t she? That is the question. Hopefully soon I will look a little more like a cute pregnant chick and less like I ate too much and  having a “food baby”.

One more thing for this blog post. I want to give a shot out to my always beautiful sister Cami. I mean look at that face… what is not to love.

Her and her friend Hailey have a blog highlighting things to do in Provo for those times when you are bored and can’t think of things to do.  They also have tips on finding balance while in school, meeting new people, making good first impressions, and the ever so popular “how to be a creep”. Here is a fun picture from their version of Slip n Slide.


Read and share with anyone you know that is in the Provo area or anyone embarking on the college adventure.


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