18 weeks down…

And 22 weeks to go. I woke up one morning last week, looked in the mirror, and told Chase, “I feel more pregnant than I did yesterday.” And I am looking more pregnant. I felt the baby move for the first time on Friday on my way home from work. I thought it would be quiet the first time I felt him move, but I was jamming out to country music on my way home from work. So exciting!

Maternity Clothes

Most my pants are fitting for now, except some of my work pants that don’t have any stretch to them. But its only a matter of time until they all start feeling uncomfortable so I  went shopping. I bought my first pair of maternity pants this weekend… two pair actually. After trying maternity pants on I don’t know why we just don’t wear maternity pants all the time! I mean seriously so comfortable. Sorry for the bathroom shot, but here is my pair from Target.

But it was frustrating to go maternity shopping because there are no maternity clothes anywhere. It would help if there was more place to shop in general around here, but I was disappointed by my options. Target had about 3 racks of maternity clothes and half of them were plain t-shirts. Ross had a little more option wise, but not in my size. Our Old Navy didn’t even have a maternity section. So I guess its online shopping for me and hopefully I order the correct sizes.


I am mostly past my chocolate milk phase but still have it every once in a while. Now I am mostly just craving water, which is a much healthier choice.

My new craving is Subway sandwiches… which is totally normal. Except for all I ever want is a 6 inch ham on Italian herbs and cheese bread with American cheese, pickles, and light mayonnaise. I have tried to get other things or put on more toppings, but no… that doesn’t hit the spot like the pickles and mayonnaise.

Life is Predictably Unpredictable

I was expecting, excited, and anxious to find out if we were having a boy or girl on September 4th. However, things didn’t go as planned and I got to find out 3 weeks early. The adventure getting there wasn’t an ideal one but it makes for a good story to tell the little guy later on.

Me and my friend Katie carpool to work now that I live in Lebanon. We were on our ordinary route, listening to the radio, and discussing how we needed a break. We were stopped at a red light with multiple cars in front of us. We heard an extremely loud noise but didn’t know what it was. Katie screamed and I said, “what was that?!” and then BAM! we were rear ended.

Turns out we were the second car in a four car pile up. An Expedition hit a pickup truck, the truck hit us, and then we hit a van.

We both looked at each other to check if we were okay. Katie had a bloody nose, but besides that we seemed okay. I felt pretty good, but realized the seatbelt had pressed against my stomach and chest pretty hard. So then I was slightly worried about the baby.

While we were waiting, we decided that Katie’s nose was definitely broken and looked for her phone. It reminded me of Dane Cook’s sketch about the guy who was hit by a car and all he cared about was finding his shoes… that was us with Katie’s phone.

It wasn’t long before the firetruck, paramedics, and cops showed up. We answered questions and got checked out. They didn’t seem to worried about the baby so that helped me feel a little better.

Chase picked me up and took me home. I was feeling good just a little neck and back soreness but I decided that I wouldn’t have peace of mind until I knew for sure that everything was okay with baby. So I called over to my OBGYN expecting that they would do a quick check of the heartbeat. They told me to head on over so Chase headed to school. Then they called back and decided to instead send me across the street to and they had me go over to the hospital to get checked out.

They checked for the heartbeat and everything sounded normal. Then they decided while I was there I may as well get an ultrasound and see if the baby was doing well and moving. The technician asked me if I wanted to know the gender and so of course I said yes. I was so happy to find out we are having a boy. He looked healthy and was moving a lot. He measured almost to the date perfectly and weighed 7 oz.

Right after I found out I was like oh crap, Chase isn’t here with me! So then I was trying was contemplating with myself whether I should keep it to myself and act surprised when September 4th or share the wonderful news.

By the time I got done with the hospital Chase was on his lunch break and came home for lunch. When I came walking in the door and saw him I knew that I couldn’t keep it a secret. I gave him the ultrasound photos, and he asked me if I found out if our baby is a boy or girl. I told him yes and also told him how bad I felt that he wasn’t there. He was so excited to know that he didn’t seem phased that he wasn’t there to find out. He quickly looked at the photos and asked me with a big smile on his face “Are we having a boy?!”.

So things didn’t go exactly as planned. But we are so happy that Katie, me, and the baby were safe through the car wreck. We are excited to be having a baby boy! Our car wreck may have caused a broken nose, bruises, sore muscles, and back pain… but more importantly it brought great news and an interesting story!

Baby Name

We had already started our baby name list. So I guess we will save the girl names for later.

A guy at work told me he had an idea for a name. So since we found out the baby is a boy, and he is tough and made it through the car accident… and since Katie’s car is a Matrix… his name should be Neo. Don’t worry he was kidding, but you have to admit pretty clever.

And with that I am up-to-date with my blog… now the trick will be staying on top of it!


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