One Last Hurrah

Us and some other medical student families went to Newport this past weekend, enjoying ourselves before med school started back up.

How can you not love the Oregon coast?! Look at this gorgeous view. This area was near the Devil’s Punchbowl. I think we will head to this beach next time we are in Newport. It seemed like a good spot; There were quite a few surfers…which was fun to watch, it was less windy, and plus there was another Mo’s restaurant so we could still get our favorite chowder.

Here is the actual Devil’s Punchbowl. We went during low tide, apparently it is pretty cool to see during high tide.


Here is a picture of us and one of the Bedfords with the Newport Bridge in the background. We had just been looking at the sea lions… and Jordin is impersonating them in the picture :)

As you can probably tell from Chase’s hoodie, it was not a warm day in Newport on Saturday. It was foggy, windy, and in the high 50’s low 60’s. We bundled up with what we had and tried to stay warm… and avoid the blowing sand as much as possible.

Kale became my buddy, laying with me for a little bit. Don’t I look warm.

The boys and the dog had a great time climbing the rocks.


We had quite the crew of photographers… but apparently I need to get a bigger camera. My point and shoot camera didn’t quite fit in.

Amanda, Baby Sterling (one of the Hardy boys), and me at Mo’s… and you can see my bowl of the famous clam chowder.


Chase enjoying his fish tacos and clam chowder. Kevin with Jordin, who is worn out from the fun day.

The gang outside of Mo’s.

The Hardys… I think we were able to capture their boys’ personalities quite well.

Chase and Me with “Mo”… who is kinda creepy.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate perfectly with us we had a blast. We are so glad to have such great friends! And now the long days of school, nights of studying, and weekend cram sessions begin. I am not ready for it but bring it on second year of med school!


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