I caved…

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a little while now and I have finally caved in. Apparently, the popular song should go “first comes love, then come marriage, then come pregnancy… blogging… and a baby carriage.” So now you can keep track of my pregnancy, the crazy life during med school, and the many other adventures of Chase and me. I will try to include lots of picture, since a lot of times I just look at people’s pictures in their blogs… I have never been much of a reader.

So here is our past year summed up in 33 photos.

AUG 2011

We moved to Albany, Oregon because Chase is attending medical school at Western University of Health Sciences.

Chase had his White Coat Ceremony… making him an “official” med student.

Before school could get too crazy we were able to go blueberry picking and make a trip to the coast. If you ever find yourself in Newport, Oregon you have to go to Mo’s and you absolutely have to order the marionberry cobbler! It is one of the best things I have eaten.

Then I ditched Chase to go to Hawaii with my family. I know, not very nice of me, but who is going to pass that up!

SEPT 2011

Apparently, September wasn’t very photo-worthy. But I started working part-time at the Oregon State University Foundation and also starting coaching cheerleading at PEAK Elite at night. And Chase… well lots of studying for him.

OCT 2011

I went brunette.

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving. Our visit there was great but the journey to the airport was about enough to make us lose our minds. We left our house early, giving us an extra hour and a half to drive to the airport on top of the hour and 45 minutes it normally takes. Well it turns out we should have given ourselves around 6 hours to the airport… the traffic was insane… we didn’t drive more than 40 mph the whole way to Portland! Needless to say we missed our flight. Thankfully I have amazing parents… my dad, being the traveling business man, got us sorted out for the next flight. We made it to the gate just in time for that flight. When we were about to board, I asked Chase where his carry-on was and he had forgotten it at security check point. He ran back and grabbed it and we finally boarded the plan. Once we were in our seats, we had a good laugh and decided that we aren’t world travelers.

NOV 2011

SVG version of image

I started working full-time at the OSU Foundation… making me a Beaver (that beaver is scary, right?)

As I was dropping the previous day’s newspaper into the recycling bin at work, I thought, “Is that Chase?”. Turns out it was. A class at Chase’s school was featured in the newspaper and Chase was front and center in the picture.

In November, I also traveled to California to be a judge for Aloha Spirit Association. While there I got to see Bring It On: the Musical. I would recommend you to see it if you get the chance. It was cute, had impressive tricks, and made me laugh.

DEC 2011

We had a holiday party at work, with a photo booth, explaining this beautiful picture of Katie and me. Plus, I won one of the raffle drawings… getting a$100 Safeway gift card!

Our friend Amanda threw an Ugly Sweater Party. Here is Chase with his lovely outfit and White Elephant Gift.

We then took off for a couple weeks and drove to Utah and spent time with Chase’s family, my extended family, and friends.

We then went to Texas and spent Christmas with my family!

FEB 2012

During the month of February we had a Food Drive at work, where we had different events to raise money for the local food bank. One of those included a workout with Patrick Ferrari who was on the Biggest Loser, season 12.

MAR 2012

We went to the Founders Awards Dinner put on by the NW Osteopathic Medical Foundation. It was a great excuse to get dressed up and eat a nice (free) dinner.

We had snow… making me feel like I was back in Utah. And we had a snow day at work… making me feel like I was back in Texas.

I meet my mom and sister Cami in California to watch UPA cheer compete at nationals. It was such a great weekend… got to see my old cheer teams and good friends Emily and Ashley… celebrate Cami’s birthday with her… shop… relax… and just enjoy the time with fam!

APR 2012

Chase won the President’s Society Award for academic performance, leadership, and school involvement. Later in the month, Chase was elected Class President for the 2012-2013 school year. I am one proud wife, hence my bragging :)!

MAY 2012

We celebrated Chase’s birthday by going to get dinner and frozen yogurt with Amanda, Kevin, and their daughter Jordin. Jordin made Chase a card and sang to him.

We found out that I was pregnant. Very late I might add. I was grocery shopping and had a feeling that I should buy a pregnancy test. I took the test around midnight. Chase was studying so I went and interrupted to tell him the great news. He was so excited and was smiling from ear to ear. He kept looking at me with this goofy grin… it was adorable. We decided it was probably too late to tell our families with the time differences. In the morning we texted our families this picture and got calls very soon after to see if we were being serious. Of course, everyone was thrilled!! We decided that we would keep it quiet for a little bit.

The next morning I participated in the American Heart Association’s HeartChase with some coworkers. It was a blast, plus we got 15th out of around 60 teams. Chase worked a station of the HeartChase with his med school. After the HeartChase was over, Chase let me know that he couldn’t keep the good news quiet and he told our friend Kevin. He was too excited to keep it to himself. He didn’t make it 24 hours, but I can’t blame him. So we ended up telling our med school friends.


We moved to Lebanon, the city where the med school is. We were sick of always making the drive from Albany to Lebanon… between Chase going to school and visiting our friends. We are renting a house and loving it! It is so nice to be in Lebanon and live close to our school and friends.

Katie took me out to lunch for my birthday. Then when I got home Chase had a group of our friends over for a birthday dinner. Shaila made a cake from scratch and it was delicious. It was a great birthday, I am so thankful to have such an amazing husband and wonderful friends!

JUN 2012

Chase’s school had an End of the Year Banquet filled with good food, a golf putting contest, pictures and memories from the year, and fun awards.

JUL 2012

Chase went to Utah for about a month to do research with a surgeon. I stayed back so I could work. I met up with him in Utah for a week and a half for some much needed vacation time. During that time we went to Lake Powell for the 4th of July.

While in Utah we had a baby shower for Trevlyn. The theme was mustaches and Lexee and I made the party favors. While Trev was opening presents, Lexee leaned back not realizing that there was a plate of food behind her. She got food on her back and Chase went to help her. He leaned over to grab a tissue and hit his head on the corner of the chair. He then leaned down to wipe Lexee’s back and then realized he was bleeding. Most baby showers don’t involve heads getting sliced open… maybe that is why men shouldn’t be allowed at baby showers. I guess I should add in that Chase was okay!

I also was able to coach some tumbling camps at UPA while I was in town.

We made it through the first trimester healthy and happy! So then it was time to announce the pregnancy to the world… or at least make it “Facebook official”.

That brings us to August! So far so good. Chase is back from Utah. We celebrated our 5th anniversary a couple days ago! Our friends have all returned to Oregon.  I am 16 weeks along and we find out on September 4th! We are headed to Newport this weekend so of course we will be eating at Mo’s. More posts coming. I promise they will be much shorter than this!


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